I Belong Here. These are my people.

Great team wear makes us feel like we’re part of something truly special. It expresses our hard work to the world and is a memento of great moments and meaningful relationships. It includes beginner and senior dancers in the same group, and says,  ‘I belong here. These are my people.’

Wear Your Studio

Create a line of branded products that dancers are thrilled to buy. When your dancers wear your studio clothing, they feel good while building your brand awareness in the community.


So Many Options

The Best Brands

Choose from a huge selection of over 50 great brands, including these favourites…

dance team wear brands

Types of Printing

Multiply the clothing options by the many types of printing we offer and the possibilities are endless. Choose from…

  • Screen Printing – Single Colour
  • Screen Printing – Multiple Colours
  • Embroidery
  • Vinyl Glitter
  • Studs
  • Rhinestones
  • Combinations of Any of the Above

Sized for All Your Students

dance apparel for kids youth and adult sizes

We cater to the dance studio, so we’ve sought out styles with a wide range of options for all sizes that are best suited for studio apparel.

Warm-up Wear to Dancewear to Street Clothes

We offer everything from T-shirts to sweats, from jackets to harem pants. PLUS bootie shorts, crop tops, and yoga wear. You can offer street clothing and dance class apparel, all from one source. Read More About Us


Dance Team Wear is Fun!

You have worked really hard. Literally put blood, sweat and tears into your studio and in teaching your dancers. Seeing your students proudly wearing your branded clothing is one of the small rewards of studio ownership.

We’re here to make sure that your studio’s clothing is a great experience for everyone involved, especially you.

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